When Five confesses his plan to kill Davros, I noticed that his eyes were on Tegan the entire time.

He’s not asking for forgiveness from Turlough, as Turlough is very likely to side with him. But Tegan has been his conscience since the very beginning. Always the moral heart and center of Five’s TARDIS crew throughout her entire tenure. His eyes are on her, because she’s the one he needs to convince. She’s the one he wants forgiveness from.

Which just makes the scene between them in the last five minutes of this serial even more painful to think about. :(

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"A better chance of what, of dying? I don’t think so. I think they’ll manage that very nicely themselves, thank you."
— Turlough, Warriors of the Deep 
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I was rewatching Enlightenment when I got distracted by Turlough’s scene in the grid room.  and i just had to take pictures oops

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Track Title: Dr Who Meets Metal



Click it, you won’t be disappointed.

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"I’m flattered. I didn’t think you could even see my ‘all around’ with your eyebrows in the way. The way I see it, you wouldn’t have had to put me back in the boat if you’d been helping me steer it in the first place, and correct me if I’m wrong, which I’m not, but didn’t I help your sorry ass back in the boat even after you punched me in mine?”

"I didn’t even punch you! I pushed your sopping carcass back into the boat! Those things are one-person jobs anyway. If you were incapable of doing it you shouldn’t have even tried.”

He shook his head and rebuttoned his jacket, then smirked. “I rather think you enjoyed the moment, anyway. It certainly hasn’t left your mind since.”



"Uh-huh." She poked him in the chest. "See, your mouth says ‘peace offering’, but your eyebrows say ‘not to be trusted’."

"You just say ‘not to be trusted’ all ‘round. The way I see it, you should be grateful I bothered to put you back into the boat at all.”

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"That depends on whether ‘payback’ means I get to touch your ass." She grinned. "Or push you in a river."

He snorted and grinned. “I’d get you the phone.”



She reached out and straightened his tie, smirking. “No, this is about you punching me in the ass.” It was a little bit about her phone.

Turlough arched his eyebrows. “What, do you want payback for that too?” he asked innocently.

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He narrowed his eyes and judged her with a sidelong glance, but he couldn’t tell much from her expression. “Is this still about your phone?” he asked suspiciously.

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